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Monkey and Me – Emily Gravett

Toddler Tuesday (1)

It’s Toddler Tuesday and I would like to share another favourite of mine: Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett.

Monkey and Me

I love this book because:

  • It’s repetitive
  • The illustrations are adorable
  • Fun way to learn the names of some (zoo) animals
  • For toddlers: It’s a great way to help your child to start predicting (What are they going to see? Can your child guess?)
  • For toddlers: It provides an opportunity to make inferences (Where did they see all these animals?) and extend (What other animals could you see at a zoo? Where else might you see them? We saw ___ when we went to the zoo. – You could also talk more about the different animals and what they are like or what they do or are doing in theĀ  pictures).
  • It would be a fun book to work on the /m/ and /s/ sounds (e.g. monkey and me; we went to see)

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