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Snowmen at Night – Caralyn Buehner, Mark Buehner (Illustrator)

Toddler Tuesday (1)Snowmen at night

I have to admit that I have spent a LOT of time of my own volition pouring over the pages of Snowmen at Night because there are HIDDEN PICTURES in each scene.  NOT ONLY does the book have a great story and fun rhyme scheme, but the hidden pictures make it for me. There are still a few pages where I’m not confident that I have found them all.

Love this because:

  • Cute illustrations
  • Rhyming!
  • Fun concept – sparks the imagination!


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Alligator Pie by Dennis Lee

Toddler Tuesday (1)

Here we go again! This week is another favourite: Alligator Pie.


I can DEFINITELY recite this one from memory.  We have this version (board book, illustrated by Sandy Nichols), but Alligator Pie has been around for ages (first published in 1974). This version JUST has the Alligator Pie poem (unlike the Alligator pie book illustrated by Frank Newfeld). Continue reading

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1-2-3 peas by Keith Baker

Toddler Tuesday (1)

Another Tuesday, another board book!

1-2-3 peas

This is quickly turning into a weekly feature of the books my baby boy likes best! 1-2-3 peas by Keith Baker is now solidly in that category.  It’s another one that we discovered through our local library, and we’ve gotten it out a few times now. (I guess that means it’s time to buy a copy haha). Continue reading

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Rhymoceros – Janik Coat

Toddler Tuesday (1)



Happy Tuesday!

I – okay, my son – received a copy of this book for Christmas and I just love it!! SO many good things about it!

  • Rhyming!  As we know, being able to identify and produce rhyming works is an important pre-literacy skill for young children.  This book is all about the rhymes!
  • Cute, simple illustrations. BONUS – some of the pages are textured. I particularly like the “mossy” Rhino (Rhymo?) and the “quilted” one.
  • Basic concepts!  There are some excellent vocabulary items in this book, including some basic concept words (think things like furry, bumpy, old, strong, chilly, and so on).  Lovely descriptive words!

So fun!

Another great resource for basic concepts is Hippopposites also by Janik Coat.


Only recently added to my son’s stash of awesome books, it is rapidly becoming a favourite. No surprises, it is all about opposites and thus the points above on cute illustrations and vocabulary apply here also!

I highly recommend both these books! Happy Reading!

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Monkey and Me – Emily Gravett

Toddler Tuesday (1)

It’s Toddler Tuesday and I would like to share another favourite of mine: Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett.

Monkey and Me

I love this book because:

  • It’s repetitive
  • The illustrations are adorable
  • Fun way to learn the names of some (zoo) animals
  • For toddlers: It’s a great way to help your child to start predicting (What are they going to see? Can your child guess?)
  • For toddlers: It provides an opportunity to make inferences (Where did they see all these animals?) and extend (What other animals could you see at a zoo? Where else might you see them? We saw ___ when we went to the zoo. – You could also talk more about the different animals and what they are like or what they do or are doing in the  pictures).
  • It would be a fun book to work on the /m/ and /s/ sounds (e.g. monkey and me; we went to see)

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Tip Tip Dig Dig – Emma Garcia

Toddler Tuesday (1)

What do we think about a new feature – Toddler Tuesdays?

Tip Tip Dig Dig.jpg

This book has inspired me to write some posts featuring some of the books that I come across while reading to my baby boy. I got this one out from the library some time ago and loved it so much I had to buy a copy!

The Speech-Language Pathologist in me loves this book because:

  • It has some great action word (verb) vocabulary
  • It includes three different verb tenses!  (E.g. We can dig; The digger digs; We dug).
  • Colourful and cheerful pictures
  • I imagine this would capture the interest of all those little boys obsessed with vehicles!

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