Brotherband Chronicles (#1-5) – John Flanagan


Remember how much I LOVED the Ranger’s Apprentice books? (Here is the link to my review of the first of that series) All 12 of them?

I was so psyched when I picked up the Brotherband Chronicles and I am very happy to report that I love them just as much!

Skandians are typically known for their size and strength, but the Herons are a band of outcasts. Their unique qualities prevent them from fitting in with the other boys, but Hal and his band should not be discounted!

The books so far:

  1. The Outcasts – in which Hal’s Brotherband forms and must compete against other teams. A competition that may dictate their futures…
  2. The Invaders – in which Hal and his crew must find redemption by tracking down pirates to try to recover a sacred Skandian artifact, the Andomal.
  3. The Hunters – in which Hal and his crew continue their search for the Andomal.
  4. Slaves of Socorro – The start of a second story arc, Hal and his crew must track down an old rival.
  5. Scorpion Mountain – Hal and his crew team up with Gilian (from the Ranger’s Apprentice fame!) in order to track down assassins targeting Princess Cassandra.

My feelings on all of the above books can be summarized by a series of excited squeals and triumphant cheers.

I LOVE that the books celebrate what makes these boys different – and then shows that these differences (or even disabilities – if you think of Ingvar‘s vision) can be celebrated. I also love that there are some great females (Lydia!)

Of course this IS middle-grade fiction, but it’s interesting, exciting, and filled with fascinating characters! Action and adventure!

I also LOVE the second story arc, where Gilian shows up!! Love, love, love!

I loved them all!  5/5



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