Alligator Pie by Dennis Lee

Toddler Tuesday (1)

Here we go again! This week is another favourite: Alligator Pie.


I can DEFINITELY recite this one from memory.  We have this version (board book, illustrated by Sandy Nichols), but Alligator Pie has been around for ages (first published in 1974). This version JUST has the Alligator Pie poem (unlike the Alligator pie book illustrated by Frank Newfeld).

My son loves this book and perks up whenever we start reciting the poem.

I love:

  • Rhyming! It’s a poem, so the fact that it rhymes is pretty obvious. Still, love it!
  • That it is short and sweet!  This is actually a great book for younger kiddies with shorter attention spans because it’s short!
  • Repetition! (Give away ___, give away ___, but don’t give away my alligator ___).
  • It’s a pretty classic Canadian poem. (Gasp! He gives away his hockey stick for some soup).



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