1-2-3 peas by Keith Baker

Toddler Tuesday (1)

Another Tuesday, another board book!

1-2-3 peas

This is quickly turning into a weekly feature of the books my baby boy likes best! 1-2-3 peas by Keith Baker is now solidly in that category.  It’s another one that we discovered through our local library, and we’ve gotten it out a few times now. (I guess that means it’s time to buy a copy haha).

This cute numbers book is filled with rhyming couplets that rapidly get stuck in your head, but it’s a long enough book that reading it over and over again is not annoying! (I know this because my son likes to read this one repeatedly…)  I can recite almost all of it now (starting with “One pea searching – look, look, look, Two peas fishing – hook, hook, hook….”).

Love it because:

  • Cute illustrations! Each page features bright and colourful numbers that are large and easy to see. There is a ladybug to find on each new spread, plus seeing all the different pea characters is fun!
  • Numeracy! Learning about numbers and counting are great skills to encourage for the little ones. Rote counting IS important and this is a fun way to do it! This book goes 1-10, then “skips” 11-19 and does the tens from then on (20 – 100). I have gone through an counted all the peas on each page to ensure they were correct, haha. Yes they are, even 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90!
  • Rhyming!! I can’t get enough of rhyming it seems. But it’s such a good skill! Noticing which word endings sound the same is one of those pre-reading skills to encourage!
  • Action words! Each number has a new action for the peas (traveling, dancing, napping, watching, floating, counting, etc.) which are all illustrated.
  • There are a few appealing puns in there which makes me so happea!

I know that Keith Baker also has other pea-related books, including LMNO peas. I haven’t get read them but I am definitely going to be seeking them out!


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