The Stepsister’s Tale – Tracy Barrett

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The Stepsister’s Tale by Tracy Barrett is the story of Cinderella from the perspective of the eldest stepsister and it is AMAZING! Jane Montjoy may live in a mansion but she doesn’t want to be a lady. Her mother’s noble heritage means that Jane and her sister struggle to maintain the illusion of wealth for their mama but reality is never far away.

When their mama comes back with a new stepfather and stepsister, things take a turn for the worse. Jane watches with frustration as her stepfather still strives to give his beautiful and spoiled daughter her every whim.

With the unexpected death of her stepfather and the rapidly approaching winter, starvation seems only a step away. Help, however, comes from unexpected places. 

I loved this book for many reasons:

  • I love fairy tales, and this one twists the tale enough to make it a new story while retaining core elements of the classic Cinderella.
  • I LOVED Jane – it was so easy to empathize with her and I found her a strong female lead.
  • I loved that the story, ultimately, was about family.
  • Loved the romantic plot points.

Although I loved this one, I have to admit that the story isn’t rapid and if I didn’t read so quickly I might have gotten frustrated.

Ultimately, though, this was one of the best books that I’ve read of late.


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