Star Crossed (Thief Errant #1) by Elizabeth C. Bunce

Star Crossed

I’m still playing catch-up for books that I read a while ago! I’d been meaning to read Star Crossed for a while – another book that I was prompted to read by the cover / title. I’m glad I did!

In the city of Gerse, where all magic is banned, Digger is a thief and spy-for-hire. When her partner, Tegen, is killed by the Greenmen who police the city, Digger knows she must escape the city quickly. Disguising herself among a group of merry nobles, Digger finds herself swept up by their group. Becoming a lady’s maid, Digger accompanies her new mistress, Merista Nemair, to the Nemair family stronghold. Blackmailed into spying on the family, Digger is caught between loyalty and survival. Things out in the country are not so peaceful as they might seem. Rebellion is brewing, and Digger seems right in the middle of it.

The world is rich, nuanced, and has an interesting social and religious history which I appreciated.

I quite liked Digger in this book.  She definitely met the “strong female character” bill – and she wasn’t the only one! I admired Merista as well.

Digger serves as the narrator of the book – revealing tidbits about herself slowly as she describes the action. You really felt her holding back – and slowly warming up to this band of people she’s temporarily bound to.  She’s not perfect, and I can’t say that I always understood or agreed with her choices, but I liked that she was willing to admit when she made a mistake.

I liked that romance was not a focus of this novel, which suited the story.

It took a while to ramp up, but overall I enjoyed this book! I immediately read the sequel, Liar’s Moon which colours my review somewhat.  I’d give Star Crossed 4.5/5

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