A Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn

A Creature of Moonlight

A Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn was a book I picked up a while ago based on the cover. (Yes, I am often influenced by covers, much to my chagrin).

The woods come and go, but of late they have been coming more than going. Girls on the cusp of womanhood tend to disappear in the woods. Only Marni has secretly entered the woods and returned again.

Marni has grown up apart from the court but not a commoner.  Living in exile at the edge of the woods, Marni is the heir to the throne but her existence hinges on the battle of wills between her Grandfather and her Uncle. Things are changing, and Marni is growing up. The magical woods are creeping onward, swallowing the countryside in search of this half-human, half-dragon girl. Marni is faced with a choice of what she will become, and what birthright she will claim.

I enjoyed that Marni is strong-willed (she does fit the “strong female character” bill). She seems to belong entirely to herself which is a message that I think YA needs more of. At times I didn’t understand her motivations, or agree with her choices, but that meant that I didn’t necessarily predict the book. It was slower paced with a different sort of rhythm to it. There is a lot of introspection and not a lot of action – it’s really a story about coming-of-age.

I feel like this one will be a love or hate kind of book for many. I did enjoy it – a solid 4/5.


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2 responses to “A Creature of Moonlight by Rebecca Hahn

  1. I am looking for YA fantasy books that are not centered around romance and love triangles. This sounds like one! Great post. You are not alone about the cover, it is gorgeous 🙂 Thanks for posting this review, I added it to my TBR and going to read it when I can.

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