The Burning Bridge (The Ranger’s Apprentice #2)

The burning bridge

Still loving the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan!

Book 2: The Burning Bridge

Will and Horace find themselves in neighbouring Celtica, where they meet up with a mysterious girl named Evanlyn and discover that Morgarath continues to plan against Araluen.  It’s up to these three to change the tide of the battle to come and thwart Morgarath’s plans for an ambush of the Araluen army.

Brief thoughts:

  • Love the new character, Evanlyn, who you see much of in a few of the coming books. She’s a strong female character (yay!) with secrets of her own.
  • The friendship between Will and Horace becomes believable and I love how they compliment each other.  Horace turns out to be this guileless , honest, and somewhat gullible guy who provides a good counterpart to the somewhat dry humour of the Rangers.  He’s also a little impulsive and has these mad natural fighting skills that are a little far-fetched but badass and fun.
  • I’m totally taken up by the adventure!



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