I’m still playing catch-up to books that I read and didn’t have the energy to post about.

Incarceron is a prison, designed to be a “perfect world” – a paradise – but in reality a harsh and vast universe with strange landscapes and people. Sealed for centuries, only one man has ever been rumoured to escape.

Finn has been a prisoner for as long as his memory stretches.  Although he has no memories of his childhood, his visions convince him that he is originally from the Outside.  He’s determined to escape.

Claudia is on the outside. As the warden’s daughter her fate is set, but she is determined to escape the arranged marriage looming before her.

Linked by a mysterious key, together they start to unravel the mysteries of Incarceron as they strive towards their respective goals.  Incarceron stands in their way, strangely alive…


My initial thoughts:

  • Weird.
  • Not sure how I feel about this book.
  • Finn – hmm.  Sometimes I liked him, but often I wasn’t quite sure if I liked or loathed him.  He seems like he’s probably a decent guy at the heart of things, but I found him difficult to related to.
  • Claudia I found cold and calculating.  I suppose given her position in life and her upbringing that is understandable, but I didn’t love reading about her.
  • Overall, the book was hard to relate to.

My later thoughts:

  • I’ve firmly settled on the “I didn’t enjoy that” end of the spectrum.  I won’t be seeking out any of the sequels. It was just too weird and too distant for me.

1.5 / 5


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