The Iron Trial (Magisterium #1)

The Iron Trial

I seem to be on a bit of a middle grade fiction kick, and here’s another in that genre.

Callum Hunt (Call) has been warned away from magic from his father.  A former Magician, Call’s father turned away from Magic after the death of Call’s mother.  Then Call is called in for the Iron Trial – and fails at failing.  He is admitted into the Magisterium in order to learn magic and control.  It’s a sometimes sinister, sometimes surprising place, and there he will forge friendships and discover truths about his past which may impact his future.

My thoughts:

  • My first reaction after finishing the book was that I wasn’t quite sure that I liked it. My reaction after thinking about it several days?  I didn’t like it.
  • Callum was not my favourite character. I found him shallow, a bit annoying, and I disagreed with many of his choices and actions.  I didn’t find him someone I could empathize with well.
  • It seemed a bit stereotypical: a keen A-type girl plus two boys, who all initially don’t get along but then become great friends. Remind you of any other famous trios? Harry/Hermione/Ron perhaps? I must say that I wasn’t convinced by the “bonding” of Tamara, Aaron and Callum seemed a bit artificial. I didn’t believe that they were suddenly such good friends.  I didn’t think any of the characters were particularly well developed or endearing.
  • The book did  take some twists I wasn’t necessarily expecting, but I didn’t love them.
  • I did think the descriptions of the Magisterium were interesting, and it seemed like a fantastic place.
  • I found myself more anxious than excited by the story.
  • I’m not keen on reading any more about these characters or this world.

I think, after some reflection, that this one only gets a 2/5 for me. Disappointing!



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