Big News

I’m back!  Sorry for the hiatus – I was very glad for my break which ended up being longer than I anticipated but much needed.

I can finally reveal the reason I felt the need for a hiatus – and explain that I HAVE been reading (a bit), just not books that I wanted to post about.

Alishia + Eric | September 2014_040

If you can’t read any of the titles, perhaps this makes things clearer:

Alishia + Eric | September 2014_030

Yes!  We’re expecting a brand-new addition to our little family! I’ve been so impatient to share the news!

Alishia + Eric | September 2014_011

Our new arrival is expected in early March, 2015.

So it might make sense when I explain that I haven’t been reaching much fiction because:

  • Pregnancy sickness – it’s a thing.  It’s been a longer-lasting-than-anticipated thing which has made me lethargic and less able to concentrate than normal.
  • I’ve been reading mostly pregnancy and baby-related books – for obvious reasons.
  • I was EXHAUSTED the first three months – and going to bed at abnormally ridiculously early hours.  I’m gaining energy finally, and have only recently found I have both the energy AND the brain power to devote to books.

Since this is a big life change that has ALREADY impacted my blogging, I am unfortunately going to switch to a once-a-week schedule and see how that goes.

Thanks very much to Tara Lilly Photography for our amazing anniversary shoot, which included the above images!


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  1. I just found this pic now. Super cute!

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