Hero (Woodcutter Sisters #2)


I was super excited to get my hands on Hero after reading Alethea Kontis’s preceding book: Enchanted. So fun!

Saturday Woodcutter grudgingly claims to be the “normal” woodcutter sister (though her Destiny makes her invulnerable to injury … until she fulfills it).  When mama is called away, and Trix tricks them, Saturday accidentally conjures an ocean in the backyard.  After a short stay on a pirate ship, Saturday is kidnapped and taken to the top of the world.  The witch who lives there siphons magic off of the sleeping dragon – a delicate balance that could be deadly to disrupt.  Unfortunately that witch is also intent on opening a portal that would destroy the world.  Can Saturday save the world – and save herself and new-found friends before it’s too late?

I’m not sure if I read this too quickly or was too tired to read it properly, but as with Enchanted there were a few times when the story took a leap … and I just did not follow.  I had to go back and re-read sections to understand what the heck was going on – and even then I still felt that there were some really large leaps that could have benefited from some better segues.

The book also felt like it was trying to jam in a few too many story lines – which I am sure will become clear and all tied in together once the other books were out, but because of that it felt just a little bit disjointed.

That being said, I did love Saturday – a stubborn, no-nonsense sturdy kind of woman who takes after her mama more than I think she’d care to admit.

Peregrine, who is the quirky love-interest (cursed to pose as the witch’s daughter) and Betwixt add a few fun personalities to the mix.  Of course there is a romance!

This is a good adventure story, and a nice complement to the first book in the series. I did really enjoy it – although I identified with Sunday Woodcutter a little bit more so it didn’t quite live up to the first. Close enough though!



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