I feel like its been a while since I’ve been able to read a series consecutively without other books in between.  Although there WAS a gap between Legend and Prodigy, I was able to pick up Champion to finish off the series right away.  What a difference – coming fresh off the high of a great book and straight into another!

Champion is the third (and final) Legend novel by Marie Lu and it was a fantastic ending to the series – in keeping with the suspense of the last book that’s for sure!

Day and June are back in the Republic and each doing their part to bolster the new Elector and the country.  June is working as Princeps-Elect, which keeps her busy, while Day accompanies his brother to San Francisco for their excellent doctors.

A peace treaty between the Colonies and the Republic looks promising – until an outbreak of the plague in the Colonies brings war back to the borders.  Day has already sacrificed so much, and the key to the cure may be one sacrifice Day is not willing to make.

Can the Republic find a cure in time – before the Colonies win the war, once and for all?

I really appreciate the shifting perspective in these books – one chapter will be of Day and the next of June.  I feel like you see them grow as people as they struggle with both the demons of their pasts and with their uncertain future.

June is one of those kick-ass strong female characters.  Sure, she’s got some flaws, and she has some very real feelings but I love that’s she’s smart, tough, and ultimately selfless.

Day is also a great character.  He’s dealing with so many conflicting emotions – fear, passion, love, anger.  Yes he’s a bit cocky, but you don’t grudge him for it. He’s noble and moral and maybe a little bit selfish in a totally understandable way.

I didn’t really expect the direction the book took, and although I was surprised that the ending turned out the way it did I was SO GLAD.

YES I am a fan of happy endings.  Even though it didn’t necessarily fit with the rest of the book, I loved it anyway!!!



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