The Strange Case of Finley Jane / The Girl In The Steel Corset

The girl in the steel corset

I read both The strange Case of Finley Jane and The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross.   Historical fiction, this is 1897 (steampunk/Late Victorian) England.  Finley Jane is a girl with special and strange abilities – she’s far stronger than an average girl would be and seems to be split between two sides of her personality.  Struggling with her “darker” self, Finley is trying find a place in the world.  The Strange Case of Finley Jane  is a short story prequel, which introduces Finley and her special abilities. The Girl in the Steel Corset  follows, beginning with Finley knocking out a full-grown man (the son of her employer) who had been attempting to take advantage of her. While fleeing she (literally) bumps into Griffin King, who brings Finley into the fold of his band of “misfits” – all with their special abilities and background.  His group is investigating a criminal mastermind, The Machinist, who needs to be stopped before it’s too late.  Unfortunately, Griffin’s band is not exactly solid – and half of the battle will be pulling them together.


  • Steampunk – yes!!!
  • Basically magic – aether – yes!!


  • Too many love triangles. Seriously.  It’s ridiculous.
  • There is a lot of focus on what they’re wearing – and I felt like it was a bit gratuitous.

Good one overall!

4/ 5


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