Along for the ride

I just noticed that when you stare at the word “along” long enough, it looks really weird.  Though I guess that’s true of any word.

along for the ride

Auden is an insomniac.  She’s also a dedicated student and completely clueless socially, mostly because she just didn’t really hang out with other kids when growing up. Now, having just graduated from high school and waiting for College to start in the fall, Auden finds herself bored.  Tired of listening to her mother’s academic rants with grad students, Auden decides to spend the summer with her Dad, his new wife Heidi, and their brand new baby, Thisbe.

Turns out, this might be just what Auden needed: a chance.  There is another insomniac in town, Eli, who also needs a chance to move on.  With Eli’s help, Auden finally gets a chance to start living. 

I love Sarah Dessen’s books because they aren’t just meaningless fluff.  Although Y.A., she tackles real topics.  This one covers both divorce and the grief left over from losing a friend.  Auden reminds me in many ways of people I know – myself included.  Sometimes it is easier to avoid than to address issues head on, which is Auden’s modus operandi thus far.

I also appreciated the summer-time setting of this book, given that it’s sub-zero outside where I am right now!

I’ll rate this one a 4/5!



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2 responses to “Along for the ride

  1. I adore her novels too! The summer settings always leave me in a good mood. Great review!

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