A Rapunzel story!!

Wyatt has moved to the Adirondacks in the dead of winter to live with an old friend of his mother’s – leaving behind his hometown and the painful memories of his best friend, Tyler.

Rachel is a girl, trapped in a tower.  Her only link to the outside world, Mama, claims that the tower is to keep Rachel safe.  Rachel is lonely, longing for contact with the outside world but also frightened by it.  She has strange golden hair that just keeps growing…

Wyatt discovers that the sleepy little town to which he’s moved might have some secrets below the surface. When he stumbles upon Rachel in her tower, he’s sure of it.

This is a modern re-imagining of the Rapunzel tale- one which marries drugs, magic, and a contemporary setting.  It had a different flavour than other books by Alex Flinn, but as always I enjoyed it.  I always find a male main character refreshing (since I don’t read as many books with male leads), and I of course love a good fairy tale adaptation.  Not too many surprises, but I liked the twists to make it fit in the modern setting.




Filed under Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Young Adult Books

4 responses to “Towering

  1. I love Alex Flinn’s novels especially Beastly and Bewitched. So far, they are the best stories I have from this author. I also read Cloaked and A Kiss in Time but I found them not as strong as the two.

    As for Towering, it’s still in my TBR shelf. Rapunzel is not my favorite fairy tale story, I guess that’s one reason why it’s still stuck in my shelf.

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