Size 12 and Ready To Rock

Size 12 and Ready to Rock

Size 12 and Ready to Rock is book #4 in the Heather Wells series.  I read the first three ages ago (and own them all in fact) and only recently got around to reading the fourth installment.  This is a chick lit / mystery novel, featuring a former teen pop-star turned assistant residence hall director in what is now nicknamed “death dorm”.  Heather has a tendency to find herself in the middle of a murder mystery.

This time things revolve around pop sensation Tania Trace, who happens to be Heather’s ex-boyfriend Jordan Cartwright’s pregnant new wife.  Someone is trying to kill Tania. Unfortunately, the first victim is the producer of the first ever Tania Trace Teen Rock Camp. Which happens to be hosted by New York College, meaning Heather has a residence hall filled with Teen pop-star-wannabees, along with her summer staff and the basketball team.

Cooper Cartwright, Jordan’s brother and the black sheep of the Cartwright family, is hired as a bodyguard to Tania. Oh, and Cooper is of course Heather’s new (and secret) fiancé!  How could Heather NOT get involved?

My thoughts:

Tania – Someone is out to get her.  Yes, Heather broke up with Jordan after finding him and Tania in a compromising position.  Previously, Tania has just been this empty-headed skinny/beautiful pop star, but throughout the book you get to know her a bit and realize that she’s had a tough life.  You understand her choices, and you do end up liking her. And also hoping that she isn’t killed!

Jordan – Still annoying, though he seems to actually care about Tania in this one.

Cooper – Strong, sexy, perfect counterpart to Heather.

Heather – kick-ass, vulnerable in a realistic way, and a protective mama-bear to those she perceives as under her care.

I liked that the book dealt also with some real issues – abuse, infertility, and obviously murder. Good one!

4 / 5


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