Alex Flinn’s book Bewitching gives some insight into Kendra, the witch behind Beastly.  The book delves into Kendra’s past, including some of her previous failures (you’ll recognize some familiar stories: Hansel and Gretel, The Princess and the Pea, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella). Kendra is torn – should she help Emma, a girl with a conniving stepsister, or should she stay away to avoid courting disaster?

Kendra is an interesting character. I like how she accepts her failures.

I also like that Emma is a decent person despite everything – but is also realistic and credible.

Lissette (the stepsister) is understandable even though she is an awful person.

I loved the weaving in of so many classic fairy tales.

The only drawback is how immature Kendra seems.  She’s supposed to be over a hundred years old, and yet she thinks and acts like a teenager.  I know this is the target audience, and she does explain why she prefers the company of teens – I just find that part of things a little unrealistic.

Great book overall though!  4 / 5


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Filed under Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Young Adult Books

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