Double post day!


Sequel to Cinder and Scarlet of the Lunar Chronicles,  Cress was released on Feb 4th, and I’m really happy that I decided to pre-order it because my copy arrived THAT DAY.  I didn’t get a chance to read it yesterday, but I did get a chance to read it today (yay snow day!!) and it was AMAZING!!!

I am so impressed at the way Marissa Meyer is able to weave several story lines together so smoothly.  I cared about all of the characters, and really bought what was happening and why.  I also LOVE fairy tale adaptations, and this one does Rapunzel really well!!

Cress has been trapped on a satellite since childhood – she’s an unwilling hacker and spy for Queen Levana.  Levana wants the fugitive Cinder found. Fortunately for Cinder and crew, Cress is on their side.  Unfortunately for Cress, her rescue is complicated by an unexpected arrival.  The group is separated, though the mission ultimately remains the same: find a way to stop Levana.


  • Cress is brilliant, determined, and a bit naive. I really liked her character, despite the significant amount of crying she does.
  • There is a lot of great character development for Cinder in this book – or all along, really (since I felt like she had lots in Cinder and in Scarlet too).
  • Thorne is awesome – he reminds me of Han Solo, though he seems less deep than other characters.
  • Scarlet remains kick-ass and fiesty.
  • Wolf is…. wolf.
  • You meet Princess Winter!! Finally!!  (I can’t wait for her own book!)
  • The feels!!!  There are some merging storylines that totally pulled my heartstrings!

Overall, Cress was excellent, worth the wait, and has me ITCHING to read Winter which comes out… sometime in 2015 hopefully.

5/5 for the beautiful adaptation!!


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