A Kiss In Time

A kiss in time

Sleeping beauty is a very creepy story when you go by the version where the beauty is sleeping for hundreds of years and is awoken by a stranger’s kiss. Luckily, this is more of a charming retelling of the classic tale than a creepy one.

Talia is a rather bratty princess who has been watched all her life and constantly warned to avoid spindles.

Three hundred years later, Jack is a teenage boy desperate for the attention an approval of his parents. Given to partying, he affects boredom with his life, until he stumbles across Talia.

Malvolia is a witch bent on revenge.

What follows is a fun modern fairy tale which gracefully inserts magic into today’s day and age. You’ve got some timeless worries (e.g. child seeking approval of parent), a love story, and the amusement of someone from the past discovering the modern world.  On that last note, I didn’t think Talia’s reactions to modern conveniences were very realistic.  On the other hand, this IS a retelling of a fairy tale.

4 / 5


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