Avalon High


I’d read Avalon High by Meg Cabot once before and thought it was okay but not amazing. Then the other day I happened to watch the movie and I was outraged by how TERRIBLE. The movie was and how they deviated horrendously from the plot of the book. So I decided to re-read the book as I couldn’t remember all the details of the story.

I enjoyed it much more the second go around! Though it is pretty predictable and hokey, I really liked Ellie (the main character) and I loved the writing style.

Basically, Ellie’s parents are both professors who are on Sabbatical. They’ve moved for the year to a new town and Ellie enrolls at Avalon high. There she is befriended by Will. The story follows the tales of King Arthur – complete with Lance (Lancelot) and Jennifer (Guinevere), Marco (Mordred), and Ellie herself. Dark vs. Evil, teenage love triangles and family drama abound. It gets pretty far fetched.

In case you are interested, the movie deviates on the identity of certain characters (namely the main one and Merlin) and although I appreciate the nod toward girl power, no. Just no.

Although I enjoyed the book, I still would give this one a 3 / 5.


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