Dark Currents

Dark Currents

Dark Currents is book two of the Emperor’s Edge series by Lindsay Buroker.

The team is back, trying to do good deeds and gain the favour and attention of the Emperor. Lead by Amaranthe, the boys are still jocular (well, mostly Maldynado is light-hearted) and their disputes are starting to look more like fighting between siblings than real conflicts.

This book focuses more on Books as a secondary character. Books lacks confidence and feels like he doesn’t fit in or contribute. When he and Maldynado find a few dead bodies, it seems the group has stumbled across an appropriate mystery to solve.

This adventure takes them to gambling houses, across the city, and out into the countryside. They come across tainted water, evil shamans, vicious wild beasts, strange and deadly metallic constructs.

The relationship between Amaranthe and Sicarius is progressing – or at least Amaranthe keeps prattling at and teasing Sicarius and he seems less stony toward her than others of the group.

Maldynado is still a confident, cocky, vain, but loveable guy.
Basilard, a mute fighter who only joined the crew at the conclusion of the last adventure, proves to be a little bit mysterious. It is unclear how much loyalty he feels to his roots (the Mangdorian people).
Akstyr is learning more and more of the Mental Sciences (and seems especially devoted to studying when there is work to do).
Sespian, the Emperor, features only in name in this book. You don’t see or interact with him at all.

I quite enjoyed this one. It took me a little longer to get into than the first, but it was still a fun read. I think what keeps me going is the interaction between Amarante and Sicarius and the annoying but loveable Maldynado. Fun! Another 4 / 5 !



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