The Book Thief


I finally got on the bandwagon and read The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak.

Narrated by Death, it tells the story of a young German girl, Liesel Meminger.  Liesel is a book thief.  Liesel’s new life starts when she picks up her first book near her brother’s grave.  She is given to the care of Hans and Rosa Hubermann, where she learns the power of words and love.  These words take her through growing up in Nazi Germany, through the war.  Liesel has the memory of her brother, her new foster family, and Rudy (the boy next door).  Soon, she has Max also.  As the Hubermann’s hide Max in their basement, Liesel’s world of words carries her through and helps a sustaining friendship. All throughout, Death follows Liesel’s story.

This was an EXCELLENT book, but difficult for me to get through.  It was emotional, but the weighty subject matter was more pressing than the actual pages and words.  I had to split up my reading into several days to get through the book.  I loved Liesel, and Rudy, and Hans, Rosa and Max.  Their struggles broke my heart and exemplified some of what was going on in Germany at that time.  It was an interesting and different perspective on that horrible time.

I would highly recommend this read – I’ll also give it 5 / 5.  It was fantastic, but weighty.


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