I feel like life has been a bit … chaotic lately.  I haven’t really had much time for anything recently and will admit that I desperately need to re-charge my batteries, so to speak.  One of the ways I refuel is reading, and I haven’t had much time for that recently.  It was with relief that I finally picked up a book – Skybreaker – and spent some much needed time zoning out from real life!

Skybreaker is the sequel to Airborn, where Kenneth Oppel introduces the reader to Matt Cruze and Kate de Vries. I actually think I liked Skybreaker better than Airborn, although I enjoyed both.  There will be some spoilers of the first book in my description of the second – necessarily, so here’s your warning.

In this book, Matt, who is now a student at the Airship Academy, happens to identify the mysterious ghost-ship Hyperion.  A legend, the Hyperion disappeared fourty years ago.  It’s reclusive but fantastically wealthy owner, Grunel, was rumoured to have filled the ship with all his wealth and treasures.  An inventor, Grunel was an eccentric. Matt is swept up in the search for the elusive airship, along with Kate (who is still headstrong, stubborn, inquisitive, and bold). They are joined by the captain of the Sagarmatha, a new brand of airship fitted with specialized skybreaker engines allowing it to rise high above the earth – high enough to reach the drifting Hyperion. They are also joined by a feisty and mysterious young gypsy girl, Nadria, who wants in on the prize and holds a special key necessary to it’s release.  Hal Slater, Captain of the Sagarmatha, is also hoping for a cut of the salvage.

Unfortunately for Matt and his team, they aren’t the only ones searching for the Hyperion.  This is a full-blown adventure in the sky, complete with frigid temperatures, thin high-altitude air, fantastical creatures, steampunk inventions, fights with bad guys, and teenaged romance tinged with jealousy.

It’s a good one!  I’m definitely glad I purchased the series, and am looking forward to the next installment, Starclimber.  4 / 5


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