I had picked Airborn up at a used bookstore because it seemed interesting AND the copy had been signed by the author.  Kenneth Oppel is also apparently a local author, which made me feel good about the purchase.  It’s a bit of an older book, which means that the two sequels are both out!  I’m excited to pick up the next two books!

Airborn tells the story of Matt Cruze – a cabin boy aboard the airship Aurora.  He dreams of one day advancing through the ranks, to sail the ship himself.  In the sky, Matt imagines himself light as air, and has no fear of heights.  Matt helps to rescue a dying balloonist, who tells of beautiful flying creatures.  Matt later meets this man’s granddaughter (Kate), who is convinced her Grandfather’s creatures were not fanciful hallucinations. She’s determined to prove that these mysterious creatures are indeed real.

When Matt’s beloved ship is besieged by pirates, what seemed like a routine transcontinental flight turns into an unexpected adventure!  Pirates and storms combine, and when the ship is blown off-course, it appears that Kate might have a chance to find the elusive creatures she seeks – with Matt’s help, of course.  Scientific explorations aside, Matt wants to save his ship, and he’ll need all his cunning to do so!

I liked:

  • Matt. He is a well rounded, interesting, and likeable character. I empathized with him, and cheered him on. He’s a smart, sometimes cautious, and ambitious guy.
  • Kate.  She’s definitely a headstrong young lady – curious, interested, ambitious and stubborn.
  • The adventure!  Pirates, shipwreck, tropical islands – this is a classic adventure tale.
  • The hint of steampunk.  I would definitely say this is a solidly science fiction novel.
  • The writing style.

I would definitely recommend this book!  A solid 4 / 5.




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