I cannot get enough of Alexia and the world that Gail Carriger describes! Heartless  is book #4 in the Parasol Protectorate series (see my reviews of one, two, and three).

Lady Maccon, back in London, and eight months pregnant, is intent on investigating a threat to the queen.  All the while negotiating some new living arrangements, the requisite danger that seems to follow her around, and her always interesting husband.

All my favourite characters are back, including Lord Maccon, Professor Lyall,  Lord Akeldama, Biffy, and Genevieve Lefoux.  New gadgets, and lots of food, this book is a natural extension of Blameless.

The story is still fresh, interesting, and unpredictable.  I found myself quite as interested in the fates of Biffy and Lyall as I was in Alexia and Lord Maccon.  Madame Lefoux is a shifty character, but on the whole I like her.  Who would have thought that werewolf / vampire politics and manoeuvrings would be so interesting?

I do love this series so!!




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3 responses to “Heartless

  1. Is this in the same series as the soulless book you recommended to me? I looked back at your related reviews and they sound good! I put a hold on the ebook at the Edmonton library!

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