Museum of Thieves

Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner was a book that I randomly picked up on Chapters only because it was on sale / on the Bargain table and had an interesting cover and promising title. I like museums.

Museum of Thieves

Happily, I really enjoyed this book.

In the city of Jewel, children are precious – so precious that they are chained at all times – to keep them “safe”.  Chained to their parents, or to the Blessed Guardians, they remain so until Separation Day.  Reckless, impatient, unruly, or both behaviour is punished, and Goldie has borne the Punishment Chains many times.  So, when her Separation Day is cancelled, Goldie runs away.  She finds herself eventually at the Museum of Dunt, and there she meets a cast of interesting characters and a Museum that is not all that it seems.  Goldie must grow up fast, as danger is rising and the Museum is getting restless.

This is a fun, quick read about a sheltered but bold girl who must ultimately take her own fate by the horns.  Goldie is a great heroine, and I’m glad that she has a male counterpart (Toadspit) who balances her (and eggs her on). The Museum is a fascinating place and almost a character of its own. I feel like this books speaks to sheltered children, acknowledging that the world is sometimes a scary place, but sometimes a little bit of wildness is a good thing.

4 / 5.  This one might be more suitable to a tween audience.


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