The Heist

The Heist

Snappy and full of spunk, The Heist fulfilled my requirements for an action / chick-lit type book that was a quick and easy read.

Deviating slightly from Janet Evanovich’s normal pattern, The Heist reminded me of Ocean’s Eleven (a movie that I love) – with less characters and one of them being a lady FBI agent (Kate).  I suspect it was Lee Goldberg who added the new elements to Janet’s sometimes tired/repetitive style and I loved it.

Kate O’Hare, Special Agent, lives to track down Nick Fox, a con-man who has out-foxed her a number of times.  After Kate finally snares her man, the tables are turned as Nick convinces her superiors to let him work for them.  Kate is landed with a new partner and a mission – to take down a swindling investment banker.  It’s a Big Adventure, that’s for sure.

I really enjoyed this one.  Yes, it was bit predictable at times. (I love predictability, but I know that I am in a minority on that one).  No, it was not in any way an intellectual read. I loved Kate, Nick, and crew, though you don’t really get to know any of them very well – it’s all surface stuff.  I loved the bold stunts and hijinks they got into, and the sexual tension between Nick and Kate.  This book fit my expectations like a glove!

I’ll give it a 4 / 5.


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