The Reluctant Assassin (W.A.R.P #1)

The Reluctant Assassin

I definitely have to admit that Eoin Colfer has rapidly become one of my favourite authors.  I loved loved loved his Artemis Fowl series, and The Airman, and am now super pumped about W.A.R.P!  I’m hoping there are many more books to come!

The Reluctant Assassin features Riley, an orphaned boy from Victorian London, and Chevron (Chevie), a spunky teenage F.B.I. operative from modern-day America.  Yes, there is time travel.  And bad guys!  Riley is the unfortunate and unwilling apprentice to Albert Garrick – a cold, evil magician who turned from illusions to assassinations and wants Riley to follow his path.  When Riley’s “first kill” goes awry, timelines get mixed. Riley is thrust into the future. Garrick, never to be underestimated, is determined to follow.   Riley and Chevie must escape his clutches and ensure that Garrick can’t change time / the world.  The book takes the reader back and forth from Victorian times to modern England, in an exciting, action-packed tale.

I LOVED that it sets things up for successive books, but doesn’t leave on an annoying major cliffhanger.

I LOVED that you meet a character first introduced in The Airman – I find it really fun to come across people from other books.

I LOVED that Chevie and Riley are both awesome characters.  Chevie is feisty and strong-willed. Riley is clever and tricky.  They make an awesome team.

I would highly recommend this one!!

5 / 5

(And well deserved!)


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