Ransom my heart

Ransom My Heart

So, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I read books that I’m sort of embarrassed to admit that I absolutely love.  This is one of them – it’s totally a silly, fluffy romance novel, but I love it.  This is my second read through – I first read Ransom My Heart a few years ago when I was on a big Meg Cabot kick.  I love the idea that it’s “written” by Meg’s character, Mia (who stars in her Princess Diaries series).

This is a historical romance, set in England during the era of the Crusades.  A fiesty redhead, Finnula needs to raise money for her sister’s dowry.  Hugo Fitzstephen is the returning knight, home from the Crusades with plenty of riches and a wish to settle down to pleasant country life.  The youngest son, he never thought to inherit his father’s title, but as he’s the last left in the line, home he comes – stepping right into Finnula’s trap.  Both get more than they expected out of the bargain!

I like Finnula – though I doubt she is in any way historically accurate.  Independent, stubborn, and fierce, she has a hot temper and a few secrets.

Hugo – outwardly shaggy, with hidden depths and morals, succeeds in riling up Finnula’s temper – while wooing her heart. (lol, yes, it’s a romance. I can say wooing).

A tidy romance, with enough of a plot to make it interesting! I like how the story unfolds, as Finnula’s (and Hugo’s) secrets are slowly revealed.  Plus action and such!  (Yay bows and arrows!  Swordfights! Romance!)


Sometimes you just have to read a romance novel, and enjoy it.


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