I’m still getting through books I read on my vacation.  Cloaked is an original tale that combines a lovely mix of lots of different fairy tales, including The Elves and the Shoemaker, a Frog Prince, the siblings-turned-swans story, and various others I was less familiar with. Bonus! It’s got a boy protagonist! Very refreshing!

Basically, Johnny has a pretty normal life, working at his family shoe repair business at a fancy hotel in Florida.  His best friend, Meg, works at the coffee shop next door, and Johnny and his mom get by  – barely.  Things are turned upside-down when the arrival of a Princess sets of a magical chain of events, leading Johnny to track down / rescue her brother (now a frog), with the help of a magical cloak. Adventures ensue!


  • Love books with boy protagonist – always refreshing.
  • Lovely mix of lots of different fairy tales.
  • Strong female character and very decent/wholesome/excellent male main character.
  • Fun idea – love the shoe references!
  • Light, refreshing writing.

4/5 (because I can’t say it was my absolute favourite – there were a couple times when I was frustrated by Johnny’s apparent density / stupidity) – I would definitely recommend it though!


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