Plain Kate

Plain Kate

Plain Kate by Erin Bow is the story of  Kate, the wood-carver’s daughter.  Kate is talented with a carving knife – almost too talented.  In a land where witches are burned when things go wrong, skill such as Kate’s may be dangerous.  Kate must use her wits and her skills in order to survive.  An ill-fated trade changes Kate’s life around, as she gives up her Shadow to escape a town increasingly uneasy with her.

Learning the ways of the group of nomads that Kate is permitted to travel with, she becomes good friends with Drina.  Kate learns more about the ill-fated deal, and decides to get her shadow back from Linet, the witch who took it.

Kate must find herself, try to save those she cares about, and try to survive a world of shadows and witches.


Taggle – Awesome cat, who adds much-needed comedic relief.
Linet – Strange and kind of crazy witch who I never learned to like
Kate – Strong when she needed to be. Talented, a little naive and dumb. Her morals / heart were in the right place after all, though I doubted it for a while.

4 / 5  (Acknowledging this is a tween type of book)


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