Princess of Wild Swans

Princess of the Wild Swans

Another middle schoolish tale by Diane Zahler, Princess of Wild Swans is a fun fairy tale adaptation (of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Wild Swans”).  Twelve year old Princess Meriel is a spitfire of a girl – plunging headlong into life while avoiding chores (like learning to sew) and initially thinking little of other’s feelings.  She has five elder brothers and a devoted father, the King.  Returning from a trip, her father brings home a surprise – his new wife, Orianna.

Her new stepmother is an evil witch who has enchanted her father.  Orianna enchants Meriel’s brothers, turning them into Swans.  Unfortunately, winter is coming fast and if Meriel cannot save them by the time Heart Lake freezes she will lose them forever.  Meriel, aided by her new friends Riona and Liam, must race against time in order to save her brothers.

I appreciated the character growth in this book.  Meriel starts out as a rather self-absorbed person, expecting to have her own way and storming through life with no regard for other people’s feelings.  I’m happy to say that she learns a little humility.  Her stubbornness comes in handy when it comes to helping her brothers!

This is another short, cute book.  Definitely tween-fiction!

4 / 5


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