A True Princess

A True Princess

Another book by Diane Zahler, A True Princess is inspired by the tale of The Princess and the Pea.  Like The Thirteenth Princess, this one is short and snappy.  Despite being a super quick read, its a fun adaptation geared toward a younger audience.

Lilia, age twelve, runs away from home and her horrid stepmother Ylva, in order to seek her true family in the North.  Her friends / siblings Kai and Karina accompany her on her journey, along with their dog, Ove.  The three travel through Bitra Forest and encounter the Elf King.  Not heeding the warnings, Kai looks upon the Elf King’s daughter and is enchanted. Lilia makes a bargain with the Elf King, in order to save her friend.  She and Karina hurry to the Palace, hoping to find what they need to complete the bargain and rescue Kai.  In the process, Lilia finds more than what she was looking for!

This is a fun, simple story.  I liked the twist on the fairy tale!  Lilia may be a terrible servant, but she’s a strong female role model who stands up for her friends and isn’t afraid.

4 / 5

P.S. I object very strenuously to the hint of a romantic relationship between Lilia and Kai – they grew up together! She’s pretty much his sister! Ew!! She’s also twelve, so I’m hoping that it goes nowhere once she grows up a bit.


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