And now for something COMPLETELY different…


Not YA at all… after the story about the three women found in Cleveland broke, I decided it was finally time to get around to reading Room by Emma Donoghue.  My father-in-law had previously recommended it but I hesitated and procrastinated.  Finally I borrowed a copy from a friend a work and it has languished on my shelf for nearly two months (oops).  Well, with all my library books done (for now) I picked it up (promising to myself not to rent any more library books until I’ve gotten through the STACK of books beside my bed).

Room is the story of five-year-old Jack and his Ma, as told from Jack’s perspective.  I think that unique, funny, childish voice makes the story both readable and enjoyable (despite the difficult circumstances).  Jack and Ma live in Room, an 11 x 11 space.  Jack has never known anything else, and is (generally) happy with his imagination-filled world.  He loves Rug and Bed, and Wardrobe (where he hides at night from Old Nick). Jack is getting older and Ma becomes desperate to escape.  Jack is not so sure that Outside is real – or that he’ll like it if/when they get there.

Jack is an innocent, sweet and smart little guy (already reading!) who allows this heart-wrenching tale to unfold with enough humour to make it an enjoyable read.  I was expecting something terrible and depressing but the story is not depressing.  The circumstances are hard, but the love for a mother and her son – and a son and his mother – pulls the narrative together into something that is ultimately hopeful.

I would definitely recommend this book!  5 / 5!


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