Forest Born

I finally got to Forest Born, Book #4 in the Books of Bayern series by Shannon Hale.

Forest Born

I think The Goose Girl and River Secrets are my favourite of this series because I loved Isi and Razo as characters, but I quite enjoyed Forest Born.  

Forest Born is about Razo’s sister, Rin.  The youngest in a large family, she is Ma’s favourite and Razo’s playmate.  Life starts to change when Razo leaves for the city.  Rin discovers a secret about herself and flees to the forest for comfort.  She develops a special bond with the trees, but something happens age 15 and bond appears to be shattered.  Feeling lost and out-of-touch with herself, Rin decides to take up Razo and Dasha’s offer to accompany them to the city.  She becomes a lady’s maid for Isi, and is drawn into the fight against the latest and perhaps most dangerous threat to the Kingdom.  Rin must find herself and find peace with herself – the good and the bad – in order to help save the Prince, her Queen, and her beloved Brother.

As is a theme in the rest of the series, this book is really a journey of self-discovery.  I found Rin’s inner conflict to be much more compelling and understandable than say, Enna’s.  Rin is a quiet, unassuming person, afraid of her own power and wrapped in layers of guilt.  She has a very black-and-white view to the world (and of herself) and learns to see a little more nuance throughout. I love the balance and self-acceptance that she ultimately grasps.  I also love how it’s the kick-ass “Fire Sisters” (or so Rin calls Isi, Enna, and Dasha) that ultimately “get the job done” (i.e. save the kingdom).  I also LOVE that this book wraps up several loose ends from the other books (which I admittedly didn’t really see as loose ends until they were all tied up – it just seemed like extraordinary bad luck lol).

I think this series is well-worth reading and Forest Born is a very nice, tidy, and enjoyable conclusion!   4 / 5!


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