River Secrets

River Secrets

River Secrets by Shannon Hale is book three in The Books of Bayern series (preceded by The Goose Girl and Enna Burning).  It picks up where Enna Burning left off, but this time it follows Razo.  I LOVE this series, I LOVED this book – Razo is such a fun, impish, adorable character.

The war with Tira is now over but relations are still fragile. Isi and Geric are sending an ambassador to Tira in an exchange of goodwill.  Razo doesn’t quite understand why he is chosen to accompany the ambassador.  This elite mission boasts Bayern’s best and brightest but Razo has always been small and terrible at sword or javelin.  He leaps at the chance to accompany the mission.  Familiar faces are part of the group: Talone, Enna, Finn.   The group must try their best to convince the Tiran assembly to avoid another war.  Someone is plotting against them and depositing burned bodies near the Bayern lodgings.  Resentments are high and Razo’s strengths are key to figuring out the mystery behind the bodies and perhaps saving them all.

Razo just keeps getting better and better.  This book really allows him to blossom and grow up.  It also proves that brawn isn’t everything (not that we didn’t know that before).  There are some fantastic new characters, including Lady Dasha, and it’s always fun to see old characters from a bit of a different perspective.  I’m very excited for book #4!

I loved this one so much it gets a 5 / 5!



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