The Goddess Test

The Goddess Test

Apparently I’m big into retellings and myths lately.  The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter is the story of Kate, a girl struggling to say goodbye.  Her mom is in the last stages of terminal illness – Cancer, and they’ve moved to the small town of Eden so her mom can die in her childhood home.  Sounds grim right?   Things get weird when Kate meets Henry – the tall, handsome, mysterious stranger who lives in the Manor House.  She makes a bargain to save a life … one that may change her destiny forever.  Henry = Hades.  Kate accepts his offer to stay at the Manor and try to pass 7 tests.  The result is immortality … or death.   But Kate will do anything for the chance to save her mother.

I really liked this book.  It was light but not too fluffy, and I respected Kate a lot.  She definitely felt like a strong female character – one who had good morals and values.  You just have to accept that things are going to be a bit strange (it’s following the story of Persephone after all).  I liked the characters and I thought the book moved quickly.  Even characters that I initially disliked (i.e. Ava) had moments of redemption.  This was a fun, modern twist on a classic greek myth.

A solid 4 / 5.


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  1. This book sounds interesting. I’ve really got a soft spot for retellings at the moment too.

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