Despite the hideous cover, it's a great book!!

Despite the hideous cover, it’s a great book!!

AAHH!  That’s how I felt finishing this book, because I can’t find the next one via the Library!!  I secretly promised myself not to buy any more books until I’d finished the ones that I’d already purchased but OH! I cannot hold it together! I MUST own this series!!  Changeless was brilliantly good!  A fantastic sequel to Soulless, Alexia returns as vivacious and headstrong as ever!  Gail Carriger has woven a gripping steampunk/paranormal victorian tale!

She reminds me a bit of an ice-breaker – ploughing through with confidence.  I like her because she’s smart, practical, and strong in character.

In changeless, Alexia must figure out what force, illness, or weapon is causing a plague of humanity on the supernatural set, while chasing her husband up to Scotland (where he’s gone to sort out some “family difficulties”) and hopefully staying alive all the while.

BRILLIANT is the word I would use to describe this series.  I will give this one a 4 / 5, more because it ended on a cliffhanger and I do like things wrapped up.



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