Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures

I haven’t had as much time for reading lately … but I just finished Beautiful Creatures.  I felt like I was on the waiting list at the library forever, so I had relatively high expectations (something so popular must have some good qualities right?).  Unfortunately, this book was only so-so for me.

Ethan Wate is a small-town southern boy who dosn’t quite feel like he fits in the town of Gatlin.  Everything changes when Lena Duchannes, niece to the reclusive and mysterious Mr. Ravenwood, comes to town.  Ethan finds himself falling head over heels, drawn to Lena and wound up in the mysterious curse plagued by her family.  Lena is a Caster (i.e. witch), and she’s counting down the days until she turns sixteen and things will change forever.


– Written from Ethan’s perspective, it was refreshing to read a book from the boy’s side of view.  (I tend to read mostly stories with female protagonists / from the lady’s point of view.

– It tried to be down-to-earth while still dealing with the paranormal. Sort of.


– I never really got into the story.  It was interesting, but I couldn’t help but feel that Ethan was stupidly giving up his life for a girl, while Lena was full of drama.

– Lena was trying too hard to fit in with the teens of the town, and seems so surprised at failing every time.  It seemed strange that she continued to put herself through their ridicule, when she actually didn’t have to.  It was just more convenient to have the characters meet and hang out at school I guess.

– The intersection between the Casters and the “mortals” seemed … awkward.  I didn’t buy-in to the town or the Caster world.  I love stories about magic normally, but I couldn’t quite get into this one.

– There was so much opportunity for character development… but I felt that things fell flat.   Maybe there’s more development in subsequent books, but it just didn’t live up to its potential for me.

– It was not interesting enough to motivate me to read it all in one sitting.

– Not really sure if Lena could be called a strong female character – mmm, not really.

Overall, I’d give this one a 3 / 5.  Mediocre and not really my thing. I’m unlikely to read the rest of the series.  (Which is too bad, because I love a good series!)


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  1. I saw the film adaptation of this when it came and knew nothing about it prior to that, I was pleasantly surprised. Shame you didn’t enjoy the book as much as I liked the film! I’ll probably still try to pick up a copy, but I’m not really a fan of reading the book after seeing the film version anyway…so it probably won’t go well. LOL.

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