Princess Academy

Another book by Shannon Hale, The Princess Academy was a fun, light read.

Princess Academy

Miri has always been small for her age and feels outside of their small mountain community because her father won’t allow her to work in the Quarry like everyone else.   They live a simple life on the Mountain, struggling to get by and make it through the mountain winters.  Everything changes when word comes from the lowlanders.  The priests have divined that the Prince must marry a girl from their community.  In order to train the girls of the village, an academy is set up and all the teenage girls must attend.

Miri finds herself balancing a harsh academy mistress, rivalry between her schoolfellows, new and old friends, learning, and exploring the mysterious Quarry-speech of her people.  What she discovers has the chance to change everything for the village and ultimately help to safe herself and the other academy girls.

I appreciated watching Miri grow as a character, find that she is smart and clever and valued.  She’s a strong female character, Hurrah!   I loved the ending!

This was an excellent read.  It was so good that I’m actually hesitant to read the sequel, Palace of Stone, as it’s summary doesn’t seem quite so promising.  But I’m giving Princess Academy a 4 /5!



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2 responses to “Princess Academy

  1. This book looks really interesting. I love books about princesses. Your description reminds me a little of the Selection.

    • liabanana

      It is the tiniest bit like the Selection, but as the prince isn’t there for most of it, it’s pretty different overall 🙂 I loved the Selection though!

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