Bad Apple

Bad Apple

I was really intrigued by the title and cover of this book for a few reasons.

1) Thought this was gonna be a fairy tale adaptation from the cover  (was sorely mistaken).

2) I like apples.

The basics: Young girl, accused of having affair with teacher, struggles to make sense of the rumours, life, and of her crazy family (divorced parents, depressed sister, awesome but sick Grandpa). Likeable character, stuck in a bad situation.

Tola seems like the type of character I would like – spunky, artistic, fighting for the truth, and a little bit funny.

I am not sure what exactly didn’t resonate with me. Tortured artist? Rebelling just I get attention? First person narrative? I dunno. It was a decent read, but not something I would return to.

3 / 5.


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