A Long Long Sleep

I am all about the fairy tale adaptations, so when I found this whole browsing the library website I knew I had to read it. Sleeping Beauty was my favorite childhood story – probably because I LOVED the Disney movie. My grandparents has this old (Fisher Price) record player, and one of our records was Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. I have fond memories of singing along to the songs on rainy days in the summer.

A Long Long Sleep

A Long Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan is clearly an adaptation. Set in the future, Rose is a 100-year-old-16-year-old who had been surviving in suspended animation (stasis) for over 60 years. Much has changed in that time. Woken by accident by the gorgeous teenage boy Bren, she is thrust into a different world and must come to terms with her new life.

Unfortunately for Rose, someone/something is trying to kidnap/kill her.

Oh yeah, Rose is also the heir to a vast (and somewhat shady) interplanetary corporate empire. Although this fact has influence over Rose’s situation, I suspect this will come into greater significance in the upcoming sequel.

Most of the book, Rose is a passive, timid character who never really voices opinions and who is mourning her past life and friends. In flashbacks you learn about her parents, their maid Åsa, and her long-lost love, Xavier. Between Xavier and Bren (and almost Otto), there is a thread of a love story to this book.

Despite her being relatively pathetic most of the time, I liked Rose. There were reasons for her behaviour patterns that are slowly revealed. She also finally finds a kick-ass side to herself that fulfills my wish for a Strong Female Character.

I am so glad that there is a sequel (No Life But This which looks like it will be coming sometime in 2014). A Long Long Sleep is a stand alone book, but you do wonder what’s going to happen in the future.

I rate this one 4 / 5.


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