Keeping the Moon

Another book by Sarah Dessen, Keeping The Moon, kept me occupied the morning I was waiting and waiting to see if I would be picked for Jury Duty. (I was not picked, Thanks be!)

Keeping the Moon

Colie Sparks is a 15 year old former fat girl, the daughter of Kiki Sparks, a fitness guru / motivational speaker. After years of moving around and just getting by, Colie’s mother finds a love of aerobics and her passion turns their lives around. They both lose weight, but Colie has lost her “shield” from the world.  The story picks up as Colie goes to spend the summer with her Aunt, while Kiki is off traveling and spreading the fitness word.

I think most girls can relate to feeling insecure and self-conscious. Colie may have changed her looks, but this story is about her transformation on the inside. It’s a beautiful tale of a blossoming young person, learning that bullies shouldn’t be the ones to define you.

This was another short and snappy read, which ended on an optimistic note. I liked Colie, though I feel like I didn’t connect with her as much as the protagonist in the Lock and Key, the last Sarah Dessen book I read. It was still a very enjoyable book, with the lesson of the story weaves through more than one character. I like that Sarah Dessen seems (based on the two books I have now read) to strengthen the theme by reflecting it in multiple characters.

I also appreciate a book that is positive and empowering, which I felt was a theme of this one.  I would not say that Colie is a strong female character, but she does start out on the road to becoming one.  Growth and development – good stuff!

I will give this one a 4 / 5



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5 responses to “Keeping the Moon

  1. I have yet to read a Sarah Dessen book, but I’ve been thinking about picking one up for awhile. I guess I need to get on it. Thanks for this great review!

  2. I liked all the silly greeting cards the aunt makes in this book!

  3. socalmbutnot

    I love Sarah Dessen! My favorite Sarah Dessen book is Just Listen!

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