It’s probably a bit old news, since there has already been a movie, but I got around to reading Beastly by Alex Flinn.


I’ve always enjoyed the story of Beauty and the Beast.  One of my favourite adaptations is by Robin McKinley (Beauty) and I’m pleased to find that Beastly comes pretty close to that.   Beastly is unique in that it tells the story from The Beast’s position.  Kyle, later known as Adrian, gets his comeuppance.  After one too many demonstrations of his careless cruelty, he is turned into a beast and must obviously find a girl and get her to love him.  It’s set in modern day NYC and I loved how Alex Flinn made it work for the story.  It’s still a fairy tale, but it still fits.

I’m also glad that as Kyle/Adrian changed his ways, I went from really disliking him to rooting for him – exactly like it should be, according to the story.  I LOVED how his romantic counterpart, Lindy, was an ordinary girl – not the beauty of the class but a smart scholarship student with real flaws but real beauty.

The only flaw, which is a minor annoyance, is that the characters are SO YOUNG.  (Kyle/Adrian is transformed at the tender age of 16).  To be falling in love and expecting forever things at 16 seems romantic as a 16-year old, but there’s so much growing up to do yet. (As a married “old” woman I feel like I can say that lol).    I guess they are pretty mature for high school students… but it still bothered me a little bit.  I guess the story wouldn’t work quite as well if they were older.  I appreciate that they didn’t get engaged or anything final. I’m a bit hypocritical, because I’m a fan of falling in love and getting married and spending life together, but I’m glad they didn’t rush into anything definite right away.

I would rate this one a 4 /5.  Recommended for anyone who loves Beauty & The Beast!



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4 responses to “Beastly

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  2. Sounds like a good book, I think I’ve seen the movie and I really enjoyed it! It’s a cliché question but I guess the book was better than the movie? ‘Cuz then I think this book will be in my possession really soon 😉 And btw: I like your blog a lot!

    • liabanana

      I did enjoy the book better – but also saw the movie first so wasn’t upset at the differences (which I normally am).

      Thanks 🙂

      • Cool, that’s usually what I experience too with any book/movie! 😉 That’s good, because the movie was really good, tho I do think some things were a big ‘fast’ (falling in love, changing into a good human being etc.) but that’s also something I’m always falling for hahaha 😉

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