Tuesdays at the Castle

I finished “Tuesdays at the Castle” – another book by Jessica Day George.

Tuesdays at the Castle

Can I just say that I hope I have a daughter (well, okay, I guess boys would probably like this too) so I can share this kind of book with her during her tween years?  It’s fantastic!!

Tuesdays at the Castle follows Princess Celie, who lives in a magic castle with her family.  Ceile loves the castle and has tried to map out it’s paths and ways.  The castle frequently changes, adding new rooms or halls or doors.  When her parents are ambushed, Princess Celie must help her brother and sister as they figure out what happened and avoid being manipulated by The Council.

Again, I’m in love with the strong female characters in this book – I love that the heroine is an 11-year old, whose bond with the Castle ultimately helps save the day.  This is definitely a young adult – or probably more like tween / youth fiction book.  I still loved it.  It was lighthearted and fun, and I’m excited for the next instalment in the Castle Glower series.

My rating:  5/5 (with the caveat that it’s definitely targeted toward a younger audience).


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